Guide for expat workers on way

By Sandeep Singh Grewal

MIGRANT workers will soon receive a complete guide compiled in their native languages on Bahrain’s labour laws and regulations in a bid to prevent exploitation. The multilingual employee guide will also create awareness among labourers coming to Bahrain, who are mostly illiterate. Continue reading

A welcome step

Posted on » Saturday, March 17, 2012
It is a welcome step by LMRA in taking action to bring in more safeguards to protect the interests of domestic workers. A substantial number of people are involved and their contribution to day-to-day life is very significant. A uniform policy to cover the rights and duties of these people will no doubt bring cheer to the lives of these workers. Continue reading

LMRA CEO receives official Bangladeshi delegation

02 : 43 PM – 18/03/2012 
Manama: March 18 — (BNA)LMRA CEO Osama Abdullah Al-Absi received today in his office in the Labor Market Regulatory Authority’s premises an official delegation from the Republic of Bangladesh’s Ministry of Labor comprising: Managing director of the Bangladeshi Government-owned Organization for Expats Employment Abroad Services cum Assistant Undersecretary Mohammed Abdullah and the general director of Bangladesh’s Labor, Workforce and Training Bureau Mrs. Mufreha Sultan. Continue reading

371,183 Registered Foreign Workers

Posted on » Thursday, March 15, 2012
FOREIGN workers registered with the LMRA have reached 371,183, according to the latest figures. They include 8,205 (5,942 men and 2,263 women) in the government sector, the majority of who are aged between 35 and 39. Another 351,314 are employed in the private sector (329,165 men and 22,149 women) – with the majority in the 25-29 age group. Continue reading

LMRA to speed up services

By Sandeep Singh Grewal ,  Posted on » Thursday, March 15, 2012

PLANS are in the pipeline to speed up the registration of foreign workers at Bahrain International Airport (BIA). The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) is set to open more counters and hire more staff in a bid to eliminate lengthy queues. Continue reading

LMRA considers the needs of private health sector

Manama: Feb. 22 – (BNA) LMRA CEO Osama Abdullah Al-Absi discussed the needs of private clinics during a meeting, held last Sunday (19 Feb. 2012) in the Authority’s Head Office with the Health Sector and Medical Services Committee in Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), and chaired by Dr. Khalid Al-Awadhi and attended by Dr. Hanan Marefi, Dr. Aysha Matar and Dr. Tariq Saeed. Continue reading