Visa rule hope for children…

Children born to parents working for different sponsors may soon be given residence permits, officials revealed yesterday.
Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) chief executive officer Ali Radhi said he had come across cases where children born to parents working for different sponsors are denied a residence permit by law.
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GCC single visa?

ABU DHABI: GCC immigration chiefs are expected to approve a single visa application system.
The planned visa will enable visitors to tour all the six member countries, Kuwaiti General Administration for Immigration director-general Brig Kamel Al Awadhi said yesterday on the sidelines of the 24th meeting of GCC immigration chiefs.
Officials will also adopt an overture to give foreign residents in GCC countries a “double residency permit” in order to allow them to study and open offices in any member country.

How much longer?

I have been trying for my wife’s visa for the last three-and-a-half months. But I am hugely disappointed by the way things work here.
For the first one month, I wasn’t able to apply because my information wasn’t updated on the LMRA website.
When I was finally able to apply, the LMRA abruptly changed the rule, making it compulsory for the wife’s passport to bear the husband’s name, and my wife’s visa was rejected.
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Why is there a delay in issuing wife’s visa?

I work for the Sitra Bridge Project as a quantity surveyor. I came to Bahrain on September 22, 2007 on a seven-day visa. Then I waited for my RP and CPR until February 12, 2008, but I did not receive them. The Ministry of Works’ Human Resources Department and the LMRA failed to issue my residence permit (RP). Anyhow I went to Sri Lanka on February 12, 2008 and returned to Bahrain with a work visa on March 7, 2008. I received my residence visa on March 25, 2008.

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