Legal Voice

What can I do if my emploer had cancelled my visa while on holiday out of Bahrain? Is this legal?According to “The labour law for the private sector, 1976 promulgated by AMIRI  decree no. 23 of 1976′ articles 106 to 119, it is illegal to terminate a worker’s contract (and subsequently his work permit) while worker in onn leave. Continue reading

‘Free visa’ alert

AROUND 11,000 Bangladeshis are believed to be living in Bahrain illegally, according to official figures. Most are “free visa” workers who pay huge amounts of money to come here and are asked to work for someone else once they arrive, said Bangladesh Embassy First Secretary Muhammad Ibrahim. Continue reading

Other side of the coin

Business owners in Bahrain feel vindicated and they face problems with contradictory laws seemingly passed every day.They feel they are harassed, blackmailed and ill treated by authorities. It sounds a bit absurd as we expatriates are always at the receiving end when it comes to harassment, blackmailing and ill treatment. Continue reading