LMRA CEO: License Granted to 7 New Domestic Workers Manpower Agencies with Temporary Work System “Hours/Days” During 2021

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority LMRA’s Chief Executive Officer CEO H.E. Mr. Jamal Abdulaziz AlAlawi underscored LMRA’s unrelenting interest in fostering the domestic labour sector, and facilitating related procedures for meeting the needs and expectations of citizens and residents easily and efficiently within the approved legal frames. “Last year, the LMRA expanded the issuance of licenses for manpower agencies in the field of domestic labour”, said H.E. Mr. AlAlawi. Continue reading

Important Announcement

LMRA calls on businesses, companies, and individuals who engage in the activity of “Manpower Agencies” in any form and under any name such as providing temporary domestic employees by the hour or providing cleaners for homes by the hour, or providing caregivers and nurses or others without obtaining a “Manpower Agency” license from the LMRA to stop immediately and rectify their position in accordance with the provisions of Article (28) of Law No. (19) of 2006, and the ordinance regulating this license No. (3) for the year 2014 regarding the regulation of licenses for manpower agencies and the procedures in force at the authority, to avoid legal accountability. Continue reading

61 manpower firms caught for violations

LEGAL action has been taken against 61 firms as part of a nationwide crackdown on rogue manpower agencies hiring domestic staff, including undocumented workers, on an hourly basis for cleaning services. Continue reading

Ultimatum to job agencies

Bahrain: More than 100 manpower agencies could lose their licences because they refuse to pay a BD10,000 deposit as part of rules to regulate the recruitment field in Bahrain.
A December 31 deadline has been set by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), which requires recruitment firms to have the money deposited in a bank account to have their licences renewed. Continue reading

Teenage maids alert

Concerns that increasing numbers of foreign teenage girls are landing jobs as housemaids in Bahrain have prompted calls for tighter controls on manpower agencies. It has emerged that two of five female domestic workers housed by a shelter in Bahrain in the past six months were 16-year-olds from Ethiopia. Continue reading

Maid contracts bill approved

A DRAFT law that outlines job contracts for domestic workers has been approved by parliament.

The bill, proposed by Al Asala Parliamentary Bloc, organises the relationship between employers and housemaids, and mentions criteria for contracts and punishments for breach of contract. Continue reading