More maternity leave ‘beneficial’


EXTENDING maternity leave in Bahrain could actually increase the number of women in the workforce, according to a government official.She was responding to calls from trade unionists yesterday to increase the amount of time new mothers can take off work. Continue reading

LMRA Equal Opportunities Committee to Study Satisfaction of Female Employees Work Environment


The equal opportunities Committee at LMRA held its second meeting under the chairmanship of the Vice President for administrative and financial affairs Sheikh Fawaz bin Hamad Al Khalifa on Sunday morning, 22 March 2015 at the LMRA premises. The meeting was attended by the deputy Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Director of public relations and media Ms. Hana Al-Saffar, and Committee members: Director of human resources and administrative affairs, Abdul-Aziz Al-Aradi, Committee secretary Mrs Fatima Al Jasmi and the supervisor for budget controls Ms Manar Al Sadeh. Continue reading

Ms Al Saffar urges youth participation in the Community Awareness competition

The LMRA Public and Media Manager Ms. Hana Al Saffar has urged all local youth and expats residing in Bahrain to participate in the Bahrain Award for Community Awareness (Human Too) being organized by the LMRA in order to instill the culture of respect for rights and duties of Expatriate workers who make up an important part of the society in Bahrain. Continue reading

LMRA Discusses Cooperation with Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society


Labour Market Regulatory Authority Chief Executive Ausamah Al Absi discussed means to boost cooperation with the Bahrain Businesswomen’s society during a meeting on Tuesday 3rd of February, 2015. Continue reading

Bahrain Awareness Awards Participates in National Day at BIC


Bahrain Awareness Awards which was launched last week by Labour Market Regulatory authority (LMRA) participated in National Day celebrations at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) in the period of 13th to 17th of December 2014. Continue reading

LMRA Celebrates Bahraini Women Day

IMG_6589 (1)

LMRA held a ceremony on Monday celebrating the fourteenth anniversary of Bahraini women day which is held every year on the 1st of December. LMRA Public Relations and Media manager Ms. Hana Al Saffar honored LMRA and partners female employees in RAMI Grand Hotel, Seef area. She expressed her gratitude towards their professional attitude and high standard performance. Continue reading

Clampdown on ‘hourly maids’

Written by: Raji Unnikrishnan
Employment agencies illegally offering housemaids by the hour face a crackdown from authorities, despite a leading workers’ rights activist’s calls to legalise the practice. Responding to recent reports of agency cars driving around Manama advertising ‘housemaid services on hourly basis’, Labour Ministry Under-Secretary Sabah Al Dossary told the GDN that these businesses were circumventing the law by cutting deals with third-party cleaning companies. Continue reading

First meeting of the Equal Opportunities Committee at LMRA


LMRA’s Equal Opportunities Committee met under the chairmanship of the Vice President for Finance and Admin Affairs, Sh. Fawaz Bin Hamad bin Ali Al Khalifa, on Thursday 17th of October 2014 at the LMRA premises. The committee members elected Ms. Hana Al Saffar, Manager for Public Relations and Media, as deputy chairman for the committee as well as discussed the Committees plans for the coming period. Continue reading

Budaiya Post Office begins Issuing Work permits for Domestic employees along with Hid and Isa Town

Monday 8th September the third Labour Market Regulatory Authority branch office began to issue work Permits for domestic sector employees at the Budaiya Post office. The LMRA Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ausamah Al Absi paid an inspection visit to the Budaiya Post Office to make sure everything was functioning smoothly and orderly. Continue reading