LMRA Hosts Business Lunch for Ambassadors (Countries of Origin of Expatriate Labour Force)


Labour Market Regulatory Authority LMRA, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ausamah Bin Abdullah Al Absi recently (Thursday, 11 December) hosted a Business Luncheon in Honor of the Ambassadors to the Kingdom at the Capital Club. Attending the Luncheon were the ambassadors of the countries of origin of Foreign labour ; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Nepal, Continue reading

LMRA pledges cooperation and partnership with foreign missions

img_3309-1024x682The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) has pledged its commitment towards protecting migrant workers from all forms of exploitation, reiterating its utmost cooperation with the embassies of the larger expatriate communities in the Kingdom. Continue reading

LMRA Chief holds meeting with envoys


With an aim to strengthen bilateral bonds between Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and embassies of different Asian countries, the authority’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ausamah Al Absi hosted ambassadors of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia and Sri Lanka for a business lunch at the Capital Club. Continue reading