LMRA CEO Urges the Diplomatic Missions to Support Worker’s Awareness Efforts

Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) CEO Nouf Abdulrahman Jamsheer affirmed the key role of the labour country-of-origin embassies in supporting the Kingdom of Bahrain’s’ effort to raise awareness about rights, duties and the laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Bahrain to their communities.

This came as LMRA’s CEO received in her office, the Sri Lankan ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Pradeepa Saram.

Both parties discussed the ways to enhance the cooperation and the conditions of Sri Lankan’s nationals in the kingdom.

The ambassador affirmed the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts to raise the level of the work environment continuously and regulate the work relations between employee and employers to ensure stable work relationship.

Jamsheer called for intensifying efforts between the authority and the embassies in raising awareness of their communities and urging them to abide by the regulations and laws regulating the labour market.

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