LMRA Grants Licenses to a Number of Accredited Labour Registration Centres

The CEO of the Labour Market Authority (LMRA), Nouf Abdulrahman Jamsheer, today announced that the Authority has granted licenses to a number of accredited labour registration centres.

These accredited centres will register all workers as part of the Labour Registration Program’ following the adoption of a new set of labour market reforms that will replace Flexi Permits.

The Program will streamline registration processes in cooperation with the private sector and correct the legal status of workers to ensure their rights are protected. Additionally, LMRA services will continue to be made available to all workers to strengthen the level of protections extended to them.

Jamsheer added that the Authority has started conducting training workshops for the accredited centres. She highlighted that the conducted workshops included detailed explanations of the centres’ roles and responsibilities in registering workers. These include receiving permit requests that are then referred to the Authority and verifying the availability of the required qualifications or professional certificates for professional work permit applications. She added that the workshops also covered the process of data entry, methods of communication and follow-up with the LMRA regarding developments related to the worker, and clarification regarding the obligations of centres receiving workers applying for a permit.

LMRA will regularly publish and update the list of the accredited labour registration centres on its official website www.lmra.bh. Inquiries can also be made through the LMRA call centre 17506055.

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