LMRA CEO: License Granted to 7 New Domestic Workers Manpower Agencies with Temporary Work System “Hours/Days” During 2021

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority LMRA’s Chief Executive Officer CEO H.E. Mr. Jamal Abdulaziz AlAlawi underscored LMRA’s unrelenting interest in fostering the domestic labour sector, and facilitating related procedures for meeting the needs and expectations of citizens and residents easily and efficiently within the approved legal frames. “Last year, the LMRA expanded the issuance of licenses for manpower agencies in the field of domestic labour”, said H.E. Mr. AlAlawi.

“The domestic labour sector is, in fact, one of the key significant sectors to which the LMRA attaches prior attention, as this sector is closely related to the national and expatriate families across the Kingdom. The LMRA maintains a strong relentless interest in offering all possible facilities to the families, while applying the procedures which safeguard the rights of work parties and provide them with health and social security”, he further said.

“In view of the growing need of a large number of families for temporary domestic expatriate employees, the LMRA has deliberately embarked upon expanding the issuance of licenses to manpower agencies in the field of domestic labour which can provide the temporary domestic expatriate employees service based on agreed number of hours, days, or months, and as mutually agreed upon by the work parties”, H.E. Mr. AlAlawi added.

The LMRA’s CEO stressed that license were granted to 7 new manpower agencies in the field of domestic labour during 2021. He called upon those who wish to benefit from the temporary domestic expatriate employees service to deal with approved agencies only to preserve their health, safety and welfare. “The Authority has been working diligently in following up with agencies to ensure the validity and legality of the work permits and detect the violating agencies”, H.E. Mr. AlAlawi continued.

The LMRA’s CEO strongly urges all agencies and individuals who practice the activity of (Manpower Agencies – Supplying Expatriate Employees) in any form or capacity whether on hourly or daily basis without obtaining a “Manpower Agency – Supplying Expatriate Employees” license from LMRA to cease the activity and correct their position with immediate effect in accordance with LMRA’s applicable rules and regulations which regulate Manpower Agencies – Supplying Expatriate Employees to avoid accountability.

H.E. Mr. AlAlawi disclosed that LMRA and in collaboration with the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and the Nationality, Passports & Residence Affairs at the Ministry of Interior managed to detect 13 violating agencies which illegally exercised the Manpower Agencies – Supplying Expatriate Employees activity without LMRA’s proper license, and confirmed that legal action has been taken against them.

The LMRA’s CEO has warned against dealing with any illegal agency which does not have the proper license, saying that this illegal activity could cause harm to families, especially as those violators depend on illegal expatriate employees with no medical support and no regular medical examination, which could jeopardize the health and safety of families, and could lead to the spread of diseases.

The LMRA regularly announces and updates the names of approved domestic expatriate employees manpower agencies on a weekly basis, and allows its valued customers to view the names and updates via LMRA’s website: www.lmra.bh or contact the Call Centre on 1750 6055.

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