On the occasion of obtaining the ISO certification (ISO 9001-2015) in the field of quality management for the airport and Seef Muharraq branches .. AlAlawi: We are keen to continuously develop the quality of services provided to keep pace with the aspirations of the beneficiaries

As part of the efforts made to develop general performance in the various sectors of the authority, the Labor Market Regulatory Authority was able to complete success to pass the external audit in-order to obtain the ISO certificate (ISO 9001-2015) in the quality systems management and that’s comes after the authority passed all the requirements of the certification through actual performance assessment and according to quality standard specifications. The international certificate awarding body confirms the authority’s commitment to quality requirements and standards in accordance with established international standards.

On this occasion, His Excellency the CEO of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, Mr. Jamal bin Abdulaziz AlAlawi, affirmed that this achievement comes as a result of the efforts made by the competent quality work team in the authority and the desire of the authority to work in accordance with the methodologies and global systems that are a cornerstone for enhancing professionalism and quality of performance which would raise the level of productivity efficiency in all sectors of the authority and the sustainability of providing best practices and services to customers, as well as the continuity of continuous improvement in the various operations of the authority in accordance with international frameworks and standards.

AlAlawi expressed his thanks and appreciation to all employees for their sincere efforts in achieving this certification, stressing that the coronation reflects the objectives and values of the authority to raise the level and quality of services it provides to all customers.
The CEO also mentioned that the authority is actively planning to achieve the main objectives of the authority in-order to raise the level of its performance and to constantly search for opportunities for continuous improvement of operations and to put in place a mechanism to control any potential risks to ensure the efficiency of providing services to customers according to the required quality and to ensure the sustainability flow of work in all circumstances.

His Excellency the CEO concluded that at the present time, several awareness workshops for employees and specialized courses in the field of quality are planned, to spread the culture of quality among the authority’s employees in general, which will contribute to creating good opportunities for continuous improvement and enhancing the productivity to provide the best services and practices in accordance with the international standards. However, monitoring, measuring, and evaluating the quality system periodically are all under the close supervision of the executive management. He also expressed the administration’s impatience and aspirations to prepare and qualify the rest of the authority’s branches to gain certificates, accreditations and improve quality systems to ensure the provision of high-quality services that meet the aspirations of the beneficiaries of the authority’s services.

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