Inspection Campaign for law violations

Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) has organised an inspection campaign covering shops in the Capital Governorate.

Organised in cooperation with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and the Capital Governorate Police Directorate, the campaign aimed to inspect Commercial Registers that exploit NPRA’s facilities.

The campaign was part of ongoing joint inspections to ensure the compliance of workers with the residency rules and LMRA law to tackle law-breaking activities.

The campaign registered various violations related to residency rules and LMRA law, in which violators will be deported per legal procedures.

Director of Search and Follow Up, Col, Talal Nabil, asserted the dedication of the NPRA to intensify joint inspections in cooperation with government authorities to tackle violations of illegal workers. He said that the NPRA would also continue visiting various CRs in all governorates. Furthermore, the Director highlighted the significant role of members of society in supporting government efforts to stop illegal practices.

Director of Labour Inspections of the LMRA Hamad Faisal Al Mulla said that the campaign was part of ongoing government efforts to develop the work environment by fighting practices that could risk the labour market’s competitiveness, justice, and flexibility. Moreover, those practices negatively influence social security, he added, highlighting society’s vital role in backing the government efforts by reporting illegal workers.

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