Phase III of Wages Protection System (WPS) Commences Including every employer/CR with 1-49 Workers .. AlAlawi: Success of Phases I & II is an outcome of all parties’ collaboration

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) H.E. Mr. Jamal Abdulaziz AlAlawi hailed the employers’ ongoing commitment and positive participation in the Wages Protection System (WPS), which has greatly contributed to eliminating the phenomenon of delayed salary payment, reducing labour disputes and guaranteeing workers’ rights with full transparency, in addition to safeguarding the rights of employers and proving their compliance with completing salary payments, thus preventing complaints & grievances. LMRA statistics have indicated that all of employers (CRS with 500+ workers) completing salary payments, along with 88% of employers (CRS with 50-499 workers) since joining the system initiative.

“These statistics are a vivid testimony of the successful system which has been launched since last May, upon a cabinet resolution and pursuant to Labour & Social Development Minister’s Resolution No. 22 for 2021 on the phases of applying the WPS system for workers of the private sector, under the umbrella of business & investment development towards fostering the stability of national economy through creation of stable work environment by establishing stable labour relations in private sector organizations on basis of transparency & protection of workers’ rights. The WPS system is envisaged as a major leap in the protection of the lawful rights of workers as stipulated in provisions of the employment contract signed between the employer and the employee. The WPS system also covers all establishments registered in LMRA in various commercial sectors & activities. All labour categories across the Kingdom can benefit from this system.”, H.E. Mr. AlAlawi said.

LMRA’s CEO referred to commencing Phase III of the WPS system with the beginning of the new year, covering employers (CRs with 1-49 workers). He lauded the widescale tangible response & active participation of all labour parties, underlining the full preparedness of LMRA cadres in handling this phase, hailing their full willingness to provide all forms of support & advice to employers and workers on the one hand, and the partners of success of the WPS system on the other hand. H.E. Mr. Al-Alawi underscored LMRA’s keen interest in communicating with employers directly and continuously to ensure completion of salary payments with no delay and overcome any obstacles which might hinder the registration in the WPS system during the set period. He also shed light on an increased ratio of 15% in the new segment prior to the commencement of its mandatory application, which reflects growing social awareness of the numerous benefits of the WPS system for all parties.

LMRA CEO hailed the unwavering efforts of the Government and its keen interest in launching the WPS system throughout several phases with the aim of facilitating the process of joining the system which provides adequate support for employers and shows sufficient flexibility to promote the sustainable economic growth, in addition to fostering productivity and guaranteeing the rights of all production parties.

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