Bahrain, U.S. to strengthen their partnership in combating trafficking in persons

Manama, May 27 (BNA): Bahrain and the U.S. have expressed their shared keenness on strengthening their partnership in the combat against trafficking in persons.

The two sides reiterated their pledge as Labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Chief Executive Officer H.E Mr. Jamal Abdulaziz Al Alawi received U.S. Chargé d’Affaires in Bahrain Margaret Nardi.

Al Alawi highlighted Bahrain’s efforts to maintain a flexible and fair job market and safeguard the rights of all parties without discrimination or derogation.

He referred to projects, initiatives and programs carried out by LMRA, including the wage protection system launched in early May.

He stressed that Bahrain has made employment and combating trafficking in persons at the top of its priorities, which has been reflected in many legislations, regulations, laws and procedures.

Al Alawi touched on the measures taken by LMRA authority as part of Team Bahrain to address the negative effects of the coronavirus pandemic to limit its negative effects on the labor market and expatriate workers.

Such measures have contributed to preserving workers’ rights, accommodating any layoffs, protecting workers from the risk of being subjected to extortion or exploitation, and preventing them from becoming victims of trafficking in persons, he said.

Al Alawi stressed that the LMRA was keen on continuing its partnership with the U.S. in various fields, especially in combating trafficking in persons.

Nardi expressed her country’s support of Bahrain’s efforts to enhance the work environment and keenness on bolstering cooperation in combating trafficking in persons and developing means of monitoring and tracking it.

She said that the Kingdom’s efforts are appreciated by the international community and praised Bahrain’s actions to confront the COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions.


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