Late Fees Announcement

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority urges all employer to commit to paying the monthly invoices within one month from their date of issuance in order to avoid being charged with the late penalty fees. Committing to payment of the monthly fees prevents you being charged with the late fees fine imposed under Article No. (3) of Council of Ministers No.(28) for the year of 2008 which states that BHD 2 will be charged as late fees fine on each monthly invoice due, with maximum of BHD 6.

Note that in accordance to Article (26 / B / 8) of the Labour Market Regulation Law which stipulates that non-payment of monthly invoices for more than 3 months will result in the cancellation of work permits, thus the employer will be obligated to incur the expenses of his workers’ deportation fees. For further inquiries related to monthly invoices, kindly submit an e-ticket through the e-support system available on LMRA’S website and upload the monthly invoice receipt along with other supporting documents (if any) to solve any issue that may arise.

Please be noted that LMRA will issue the monthly invoices based on the count of work permits registered under the CR/UNIT in LMRA, please visit LMRA’s website to view the work permit details

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