The Mechanism for Hiring Expatriate Employees from Abroad

Dear Clients,

Please note that in accordance to the Decision of the Council of Minsters, in its meeting held on 18th January 2021, which states that if the Employers apply for a New Work Permit for an Expatriate Employee from outside of Kingdom of Bahrain, then:

  1. The approval of the application will be postponed for a period of 21 days.
  2. Posting a vacancy announcement in the local newspapers for a period of 7 days, mentioning the position, the company name, the e-mail and the telephone number registered in LMRA system.
  3. Citizens and Residents will have the opportunity to apply for the announced job.

Kindly note that the cost of the advertisements will be BD 30 for each application that will be added to the monthly CR invoice.

If you would like to choose the newspaper you prefer to advertise in, kindly submit an electronic ticket through the E-Support system within one hour of submitting the application to issue a work permit for a worker outside Kingdom of Bahrain, and specify which of the following newspapers you would like the advertisement to be published in: Al Ayam – Akhbar Alkhaleej – Al Bilad – Al Watan – Gulf Daily News – Bahrain Daily Tribune.

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