Important Announcement

LMRA calls on businesses, companies, and individuals who engage in the activity of “Manpower Agencies” in any form and under any name such as providing temporary domestic employees by the hour or providing cleaners for homes by the hour, or providing caregivers and nurses or others without obtaining a “Manpower Agency” license from the LMRA to stop immediately and rectify their position in accordance with the provisions of Article (28) of Law No. (19) of 2006, and the ordinance regulating this license No. (3) for the year 2014 regarding the regulation of licenses for manpower agencies and the procedures in force at the authority, to avoid legal accountability.

LMRA also asserts that the provision of any healthcare services, nurses, caregivers, or other similar activities must be as well licensed by the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), in addition to a license for manpower agencies from LMRA. LMRA also invites all citizens and residents who wish to obtain temporary employment to review the names of the list of licensed agencies on the website of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (, which is updated on weekly basis, urging everyone to cooperate through not dealing with the unlicensed providers in violation of the law, which could pose harm to them or their families in terms of safety and health.

For more information and to review the law and ordinance, you can visit the website of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority or call the number 17506055.

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