29 Unlicensed firms facing legal action

Twenty-nine unlicensed firms supplying domestic workers on an hourly basis will face legal action.

The crackdown follows a joint campaign launched by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and the General Directorate of Investigation and Criminal Evidence at the Interior Ministry.

A total of 53 violating domestic workers were also arrested, four of whom have outstanding warrants on them, LMRA director of preventive inspection department Ahmed Al Junaid said in a statement last night.

Legal measures have been taken against these violating institutions and workers, and they have been referred to the authorities concerned for further action.

He also said that 58 establishments were found to have violated laws during the last three months, while 131 workers were arrested.

“Dealing with licensed offices guarantees the rights of citizens and residents and protects families from any negative repercussions,” he said.

Records of these agencies are constantly monitored, which gives the public a higher degree of safety, he added

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