Important Announcement: Change in Application Methods and Working Hours

Dear Clients,
For your safety and as a precautionary measure to limiting the spread of Coronavirus (Covid 19), LMRA announces, that commencing on Sunday 22nd March 2020, it will provide its services in the Main Office and all branches from Sunday to Thursday, from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm as follows:

Transactions to be applied via the Expat Management System (EMS)

«Personal attendance shall not be accepted»

  • Add Authorized Person Application.
  • New Work Permit Application.
  • Work Permit Renewal Application.
  • Application to Transfer Expatriate Employee.
  • Change of Occupation Application.
  • Dependant/ Work Permit Application (Family Members).
  • Work Permit Cancellation.
  • Allow Expatriate Transfer.
  • Work Permit Application for Over 60 expats and above.
  • Work Permit Renewal Application for Over 60 expats and above.
  • Work Permit Ceiling Increase Application.
  • Resend Password for Expat Management System Account.

Transactions to be applied via the Electronic Support System (E-Support)

«Personal attendance shall not be accepted»

  • Violation and Administrative Note Follow-up.
  • Submission of Complaints and Messages.
  • Work Load Application.
  • Dependants Work Permit Approvals.
  • Dependants Work Permit Renewal.
  • Dependants Work Permit Cancellation.
  • Expatriate Employee Absence from Work Notification in Violation of the Work Permit Terms.
  • General Inquiries.

Transactions that require an appointment in advance

Appointment System

  • Registration for a New CR.
  • Change of Responsible Person.
  • Biometric Data Collection (Enrollment for Expatriate Employees).
  • Add E-mail for the Responsible Person.

Walk – in Transactions (No appointment required)

«For Employers of Domestic Expatriate Employees»

  • Submit Domestic Expatriate Work Permit / For Individuals.
  • Submit Ceiling for Domestic Expatriate Employees / for Individuals.
  • Biometric Data Dollection (Enrollment )- Fingerprints.
  • Submit Renewal Applications.
  • Change of Occupation for Domestic Expatriate Employees.
  • Domestic Expatriate Employees Cancellation.
  • Submit Absence from Work Notification.

For inquiries and assistance with electronic services, please contact the call centre 17 50 60 55

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