LMRA chief stresses Bahrain’s keenness to protect expatriate workers

Chief Executive of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, Ausamah Abdulla Al-Absi, recently received, at the Expat Protection Centre (EPC), the Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS)’s Honorary President, Muna Yusif Al-Moayyad, and Board of Directors Chairman, Noora Flaifal.

Al-Absi highlighted the efforts being exerted by LMRA to raise the awareness of the expatriate labour community on their rights and duties, as well as on the preventive health measures in various languages, in cooperation with their civil society, stressing Bahrain’s keenness to protect the work environment and combat any practices that may amount to exploitation, extortion or trafficking in persons.

He affirmed the importance of coordination, cooperation and exchange of expertise between LMRA and MWPS in the field of expatriate workers’ protection, as well as in protecting and supporting the victims of trafficking in humans.

The meeting touched upon a number of projects and initiatives launched by LMRA to protect the rights of expatriate workers.

MWPS’s Chairperson lauded LMRA’s efforts to care for expatriate workers.

She also praised the systems and laws adopted by LMRA, thanks to which the kingdom has gained a prestigious international reputation, and earned the acclaim of speicalised UN agencies.

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