The Philippine Embassy dispense with self-accommodation and relies on Expat Protection Centre

Expanding on the growing ties between the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of the Philippines, the LMRA has stressed that it is committed to providing services to ensure the welfare of Filipino workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.The Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Bahrain decided to shift their shelter services for vulnerable Filipino nationals to the care of the LMRA’S Expat Protection Centre.

A delegation led by Department of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Sarah Lou Y. Arriola and Ambassador His Excellency Alfonso Ferdinand A. Ver met with His Excellency Mr. Ausamah Alabsi to discuss the embassy’s adoption of the EPC’s full services for migrant workers.

Ms. Arriola said expressed her confidence in the government’s procedures and excellent services in protecting victims or potential victims of trafficking and exploitation, pointing out that Bahrain’s procedures are a high model in protecting victims and providing them with appropriate care.

H.E. Mr. Alabsi stressed to the delegation and embassy representatives that the LMRA’S Expat Protection Centre doors would always be open to any worker in distress and in need of guidance.

The EPC does not only provide sheltering to vulnerable workers, but is also a one-stop shop for all expat workers in need. Its shelter has the capacity to host up to 200 persons.

The embassy highly praised the EPC and its assets in its engagement to protect the rights of migrant workers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Both the embassy and the LMRA have worked together to manage cases involving Filipino workers in the kingdom of Bahrain, and have both played a massive role in ensuring that the workers are in full knowledge of their rights.

The EPC oversees the medical, legal, and social services that expats may require to ensure that their work experience in the Kingdom is both productive and pleasant. The center is also in direct contact with different governmental departments who are capable of helping expats in distress.

The delegation’s visit follows a trend of successful visitations and cooperative events between the Embassy of the Philippines and the Bahrain which continue to strengthen the existing ties between them.

The Philippines has built itself a reputation for its iron-clad protective strategies in the protection of their nationals working abroad – and its faith in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s protective services against the exploitation of migrant workers.

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