Bahrain’s anti-human trafficking efforts welcomed

The United States Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, William Roebuck, praised Bahrain’s efforts to combat trafcking in persons, as well as the development of legal and legislative system aimed at safeguarding the rights of labour.

This came as CEO of Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) also Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, ِAusamah bin Abdullah Al-Absi, today received the US Ambassador and the associating delegation.

The US Ambassador congratulated Bahrain on maintaining the same classification on the State Department’s annual report on combating trafficking in persons for the third consecutive year. He welcomed the big role played by the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons and the LMRA.

He lauded the mechanisms of investigation followed in a number of cases of trafficking in persons, as well as staging training workshops and courses for the staff working in the same field.

He also commended the National Referral System for Victims of Trafficking in Persons established by the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, which is the first of its kind at the regional level that contributes to promote anti-trafficking procedures, regulate the role of agencies and develop mechanisms to deal with cases of trafficking in persons.

Al-Absi said the stability of Bahrain’s classification on the US State Department’s report for the third consecutive year is the result of concerted effort of various government and non-governmental bodies, including the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Interior Ministry, Public Prosecution Office, LMRA and others.

He highlighted Bahrain’s respect for human rights and equality of individuals without discrimination on the grounds of sex or race. He also noted the government’s keenness to constantly update laws and procedures in accordance with international norms and standards.

He underlined Bahrain’s commitment to the plan of the National Plan to Combat Trafficking in Persons that focuses on raising awareness among citizens, residents and expat labour of the concepts and practices of human trafficking, welcoming cooperation with the State Department in the same field.

He stressed to intensify training programmes and workshops to develop mechanisms of dealing with expat labour and ways to combat trafficking in persons, expressing willingness to achieve a higher classification on the State Department’s annual report.

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  1. Haloo bharain it is grate to work in hear but legal people can’t work hear because in many place to save money they keep blacklist worker and make problam with legal workers.

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