New-look LMRA offices opened

The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) opened its new-look customer-service offices at the Bahrain international Airport. LMRA Chief Executive Officer Ausamah bin Abdulla Al-Absi inaugurated the offices , which underwent extension works to fast-track procedures and ensure the smooth entry flow.

The new-look facility has been expanded to include four lanes for investors and workers, up from two previously, which will ensure the issuance of work permits in a record 3 minutes. The number of personnel at the LMRA offices at Bahrain International Airport has also been increased to ensure work round the clock. Female employees will also be present round the clock to deal with families. “The extension took into account the increasing flow of work and the planned inclusion of domestic workers in the Expatriate Management System (EMS)” Al-Absi said.

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