LMRA in new call to two-year-old boy’s parents

AUTHORITIES have pledged to not take legal action against the parents of a two-year-old boy, who was found in a busy suq on Wednesday night. They suspect the parents to be expatriates living illegally in Bahrain and have urged them to come forward to collect their son.

The child was at the Bab Al Bahrain Police Station until yesterday when he was transferred to the Batelco Child Care Centre in Seef District.

The two-year-old boy was found by police in the Manama Suq near Imam Al Hussain Avenue wearing a red T-shirt and calling out for his parents.

Officers have searched the area since 10.30pm on Wednesday, but no one has come forward or filed a missing person’s report since.

“We believe that the parents may not have legal residency in Bahrain, and are afraid to come forward to claim this child,” said Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) chief executive officer Ausamah Al Absi.

“The LMRA would like to inform that it will not take any action towards the parents of the child when they come forward to claim him in case their work permit or residency has expired, terminated or not in order in any way.”

Capital Governorate Police Directorate investigation division head Major Mohammed Al Buainain told the GDN they had no option but to refer the boy to a child care centre yesterday.

“No one has come forward until now and there is no report filed of a missing child in any police station,” said Major Al Buainain.

“Our teams are still conducting their investigations to track down the parents of the child.”
Anyone with information about the child or his parents are being urged to contact the Bab Al Bahrain Police Station on 17390590 or the emergency services number 999 or the Batelco Child Care Centre on 39146208.

3 thoughts on “LMRA in new call to two-year-old boy’s parents

  1. First I would like to congratulate LMRA for your good work. And about the boy I believe there is some cameras whereby u can atleast view to help u track the people who were with the kid,that way its gonna be easier for you guys to know where to start or who to look for.
    I’d also suggest u find atleast one person who can speak the boy’s language for im sure if he can speak some arabic then its kinda helpful to know his nationality and that’s where u wil know his relatives if they are there or the name of his mum or dad or whoever brought him there.There are ways to talk to a kid and I believe if u could use those tactics the boy wil speak up and make your work easier thereby finding his relatives/whoever was with him last.
    Also try checking with the airport because maybe he and his folks were here in bahrain for a vacation or so and he got lost and his people already left the country. Anyways this is just a maybe for u gotta try all means available to find the boy’s parents….. Or even in hospitals and post his picture on news each and every time im sure a miracle wil happen and the poor kid wil b united with his family again. My prayers are that he finds his parents/relatives. May Allah answer this prayer and may u all be blessed, shukran

  2. LMRA should release child pictures so many social media users can share on social media. Give me child pictures i want to help LMRA in this great cause.

    Thank you

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