The “NIHR” opens an office branch in the “Expat Protection Center and Shelter”

The CEO of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority and Head of National Committee for Combating Trafficking in Persons Ausamah Abdulla Al Absi, announced reaching an agreement with the National Institute for Human Rights, permitting the later to open a branch office within the Expat Protection Center and Shelter, which is considered to be the first comprehensive center to provide preventative and guidance services for expatriate workers.

The center includes a shelter for victims or potential traffic victims.

Al-Absi pointed out that with “Human Rights” opening their office on Thursday, 1st of June 2017, via a representative working in the center directly, the services provided by the Kingdom to protect victimized expat labors are complete.

From his side, the Acting Secretary General of the National Institute for Human Rights, Dr. Khalifa Ali Al-Fadhil thanked the CEO of the Labor Market Regulatory Authority for giving the National Institute for Human Rights the opportunity to open its own office within the Expat Protection Centre and shelter. Pointing out that the National Institute for Human Rights works on strengthening its permanent and continuous work in the field of protecting human rights, and especially in the field of the rights of expat workers. On that basis, it was decided to open this office as a link between the National Institute and expats, in order to reach the maximum levels of protection and promotion of human rights. He also stated that he looked forward to the opening of more offices in all governorates of the Kingdom, believing that the King’s reformation project affirmed that human rights are for all.

It is worth mentioning that the shelter, under the umbrella of the Expat Protection Center and Shelter, provides complete services to victims or potential victims from the instance they enter the center, represented in providing security protection, medical services (periodic medical check-ups for the residents via the cooperation of volunteers from a number of private hospitals), mental health services (in cooperation with social researchers), legal counseling (providing legal advice to the resident, introducing him to his rights and methods of obtaining them, assisting him in reaching a settlement, or initiating legal proceedings in courts).

In addition, The center has direct contacts with a number of relevant government entities (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor, etc.), and the embassies of labor-exporting countries, as well as places of worship of various religions, clubs of foreign communities, and others.

4 thoughts on “The “NIHR” opens an office branch in the “Expat Protection Center and Shelter”

  1. Great job and very relieving for all who suffer from employer/sponsor. I hope you will also take measures against employers who take passports from employees without their consent and keeping them in the company as hostages. Cause these employees are also victims but on a psychological level, it is worse than job ” mobing “

  2. I was working with security solution company for about 8 months.i resigned due to some problems I have with the company…for example less salary,long working hours(12) with no overtime,embarrassment from the managers,mistreatment,No off e.t.c.due to these I resigned the job.i went to the office asking them to cancel my visa so that I can find a different job but they refused.they hold my passport till now…now have been outside with no job,No food.any advice concerning my case please.
    Thank you

    • Dear client,

      For all questions regarding Employment contracts, leave entitlements , disputes, complaints, grievances against employers, you need to contact the Ministry of Labour. Please note that this is not part of the LMRA mandate and we cannot interfere between employers and employees, you are requested to lodge a formal complaint and submit any supporting documents to the complaints department of the Ministry of Labour in Isa Town , for more information visit

      Regarding your passport although this is out of LMRA’s jurisdiction, please note that the laws of Bahrain stipulate that retaining the employee passport is illegal. If the employee demands his passport back and the employer refuses to hand it over (in writing if possible), the employee should first contact his embassy and, secondly, raise an urgent case before the court of urgent matters at the Ministry of justice (diplomatic area).

      For more informaion kindly contact LMRA call center on +973 17506055, or you can contact our e-Support helpdesk through to clarify your issue.


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