Companies’ commitment to Bahrainisation quotas praised

Manama, Feb. 22 (BNA): Chief Executive Officer of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA), Ausamah bin Abdulla Al-Absi, has called on business owners to hire Bahraini competencies while filling job vacancies, and to be committed to the Bahrainisation rate determined by the law.

He affirmed that LMRA is currently examining the situation of companies ahead of the launch of the second phase of the “Parallel Bahrainisation System” early May.

Al-Absi asserted that the creation of sutable job opportunities for Bahrainis is among the priorities of the government, noting that Bahrainis have proved their high competence and disciplines at various work environments.

LMRA chief lauded the commitment of about 60 per cent of companies to the required Bahrainisation rate, and the keenness of some companies to increase the rate of their Bahraini workforce, which, he said, reflects the competency of Bahrainis, on the one hand, and the sense of responsibility of the companies’ officials.

Al-Absi urged business owners to increase the rate of Bahrainis through availing of the employment services provided by the Labour and Social Development Ministry and the incentives delivered by the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) to recruit Bahraini workers and rehabilitate them.

He underlined LMRA’s keenness on close follow-up on the companies’ records through inspection campaigns to make sure that their figures regarding the Bahrainisation rate are accurate.

Al-Absi pointed out that LMRA had sent emails to all companies that have failed to adhere to the Bahrainisation quotas.

The Parallel Bahrainisation System will be applicable in the case of Work Permit Renewal, as of May 1st, 2017. in compliance with Cabinet Resolution 27/2016.

The system will be applied on each establishment that has Bahrainisation rate below the target, therefore on 1st May 2017, the renewal of the work permits will be subject to the Parallel System’s fees being an additional BD300 per 2 year permit. This will be applicable to a number of permits that correspond with the Bahrainisation target.

To calculate the number of additional Bahrainis required to avoid paying additional fees, employers are requested to visit LMRA’s page and use Parallel Bahrainisation Calculator.

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  1. Sir my name is usmair and i am a pakistani i and want a job in bahrain i am doing 12 hour duty in secure me company and my monthly salary is just 130 bd sir just tell me one thing if i want to go 4 search of job how i go after 15 hour and look our accommodation what happened sir plz allah give u authority and u will be answereable to god in youmal qiyaamah plz do something plz plz plz may god give u strength to do something for the people

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