LMRA boosts cooperation with embassies


Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA)’s CEO Ausamah bin Abdullah Al-Absi has stressed the importance of partnership and coordination between the LMRA and the embassies of countries exporting workers to Bahrain regarding the Flexible Work System approved by the Cabinet in September.

The LMRA plans to apply the new system in the second quarter of 2017.

Al-Absi made his remarks on Monday during his meeting with ambassadors of countries exporting workers, pointing out that this meeting comes as part of the LMRA mechanisms to communicate with all parties that will support its efforts to do its best part in regulating the labour market.

The LMRA is keen on enlightening workers about their rights and obligations in cooperation with their respective embassies to adjust the status of expatriate workers in the Kingdom and to avoid legal accountability.

Al-Absi emphasized the importance of the support and assistance from the embassies of workers-sending countries regarding the importance of engaging expatriate workers take advantage of the new system of flexible work which provides a legal alternative that preserves the rights of ‘violating’ workers.

The ambassadors expressed their support for all the efforts within the context of preserving workers’ rights. Ambassadors also stressed that Bahrain is a pioneer in the development of legislative and legal environment consistent with international conventions and standards.

4 thoughts on “LMRA boosts cooperation with embassies

  1. What would be the punishment for employer who cancelled visa of the employee while in vacation without notice? How the gov’t approve such cancelation when its written to LMRA rules that it is illegal to cancel?! What the employee should do to?

    • dear client,

      For all questions regarding Employment contracts, leave entitlements , disputes, complaints, grievances against employers, you need to contact the Ministry of Labour. Please note that this is not part of the LMRA mandate and we cannot interfere between employers and employees, you are requested to lodge a formal complaint and submit any supporting documents to the complaints department of the Ministry of Labour in Isa Town , for more information visit http://www.mol.gov.bh

      Kindly contact LMRA call center on +973 17506055, or you can contact our e-Support helpdesk through https://services.lmra.bh/e-support/ to clarify your issue.


  2. I would like to inquire regarding for the flexi work permit? How much will it cost
    , what are the requirements for applying? How long will it take for the approval of the visa?
    Thank you for your time. Hoping to hear from you soon

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