BCCI, LMRA discuss promoting business owners


A meeting held yesterday between Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) and labor Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) to overcome obstacles may be faced by business owners of commercial and economic sectors.

The meeting comprised BCCI Chairman Khalid Abdulrahman Al-Moayyad, First Deputy Chairman and a number of members and LMRA Chief Executive Officer Osama Al-Absi.

Ways to promote coordination efforts, consultative meetings and activating the joint committee between the two sides were discussed to support the BCCI role in addressing the obstacles may encounter businessmen in Bahrain, as well as to contribute to facilitating procedures and programmes target strengthening the role of the business sector in economic development.

BCCI Chairman stressed keenness to continue working together with government agencies to overcome obstacles may meet business owners by providing them with more facilitations in conformity with the leadership’s directives.

He pointed out the importance of partnership between the two sides to develop the labour market and ensure its stability and enhancing business structure to increase productivity of private sector.

LMRA CEO noted considering various options and alternatives to provide more facilitations for commercial sector, welcoming cooperation with BCCI to contribute to boosting national economy.

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