32pc Egyptians in Bahrain work in educational sector

IMG_0370 eygpt

Of more than 21,000 Egyptians living in the Kingdom, 32 per cent are working in the educational sector, an official statistics showed.
This was disclosed by Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) CEO Ausamah Al Absi yesterday, while receiving Egyptian Trade Union Federation (ETUF) Egyptian delegationPresident and the Manpower Committee at Egypt’s House of Representatives Chairman Gebaly Mohammed Al Maraghy to LMRA.

There are about 9,000 employees among the Egyptian community in the Kingdom, besides 12,000 who are staying on family visas. “The Egyptian community is considered as one of the most committed foreign communities in the Kingdom, as their violations doesn’t exceed 1pc,“ Al Absi said.

During the visit, the LMRA chief briefed Al Maraghy and the visiting delegation about the Bahraini achievements, which came as part of the economic reforms in the Kingdom.

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