Al Absi: The government gives a great importance to safeguarding the rights of all workers


Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) CEO, Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, Mr. Ausamah bin Abdullah Al-Absi, confirmed that the Kingdom of Bahrain gives a great importance to safeguarding the rights of all foreign workers in the Kingdom, starting from its advanced economic, noting that the Kingdom has enacted a number of legislations flowing into this framework.

This came during a meeting at his office on Sunday 5th June 2016, the Ambassador of the Republic of India Mr. Alok Kumar Sinha, he discussed with him the Indian employment situation in the Kingdom of Bahrain, reviewing the efforts made by the Kingdom over the past years to improve the quality of the work environment for the foreign workers through the modernization of labor laws , the enactment of the freedom of the transfer of the worker, and the creation of a special unit in LMRA on the rights of foreign employees as well as the formation of a committee on combating trafficking in persons and the establishment of a shelter and foreign employees services unit, which is considered the first comprehensive center in the region to house the victims or persons may have been exposed to the operations of trafficking.

He pointed out that this center who received the acclaim of the United Nations, is not only a shelter for victims of trafficking in persons, but offers in addition to the shelter, physical and psychological health, legal, security and social integrated services to be one-stop shop to deal with all forms of this phenomenon, and to be a point of protection to prevent becoming vulnerable victims of trafficking in persons, as well as outfitted center connected to receive labor complaints around the clock in several languages.

LMRA CEO explained that the kingdom’s efforts contributed to the access to a range of international certifications that enhance its levels in the area of respect for workers’ rights, as the Kingdom topped several international assessments in respect of destination appropriate for foreign residents, whether in the region or around the world, including the classification, launched by the Bank «HSBC» in the last quarter of 2015, which pointed out that the Kingdom of Bahrain came in fourth position globally in the classification of the favorite destinations for foreign residents, also topped the same time, Gulf and Arab states in two indicators within three indicators – adopted by a Universal Category, and they are a better lifestyle and a better family environment.

From his part, the ambassador expressed his praise for the excellent care provided by the Kingdom for Indian labour, pointing out that they enjoy their full rights, stressing that such care is appreciated from the official side.

Indian Ambassador stressed that the embassy will spare no effort in close cooperation and coordination at all levels with LMRA and stakeholders in the Kingdom with regard to its workers organized according to the laws adopted in Bahrain.

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