LMRA efforts in combating human trafficking praised


Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) CEO, Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, Osama bin Abdullah Al-Absi, today received a Thai delegation representing ministries and government and private agencies involved in trafficking in persons issues.

LMRA CEO informed the Thai delegation of the latest development of the Labour Market Reform Project and LMRA’s efforts in addressing irregular labour issue.

He added that leaflets have been circulated to expat labour to raise awareness of their rights, as well as guidelines on avoiding being victims of human trafficking.

The delegation hailed the LMRA’s efforts in protecting the rights of expat labour in Bahrain and the laws and legislatives issued in this regard.

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  1. Hi.. hello sir my passport is with my sponsor even my cpr . I want to take my cpr . Wat will i do sir if they don’t want to give my cpr…also sir my contract will be finished dis augost am i qualified to claim d indemnity ? And i want find another employer coz i am tired cleaning a cars . Do i have d opportunity to find another employer ?

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