Ausamah Al Absi received a US Congress delegation


Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) president and head of the National Anti-Human Trafficking Committee Ausamah Al Absi yesterday received a US Congress delegation which visited a shelter to protect expatriate workers from human trafficking dangers.

The delegation lauded LMRA’s efforts to provide care for the expatriate labour force and protect their rights.They also praised the efforts to combat human trafficking and monitoring methods.

5 thoughts on “Ausamah Al Absi received a US Congress delegation

  1. Dear sir we are here becoz we are poor!!and sir we work nice we work hard !but sir i work in seef area restaurant they make our contrac paper 8 hrs.but we want to work 10 hrs.and sometimes we take sick leaves they cut our sallery 3days!!why like that sir they doing for us!!and i take last time m’y vacation money !!they want to pay 2month sallery but they pay for me only little!!and they make own rules!!they write for me like that for gossi déduction 24bd/for viza transfer 50bd/and lmra 60bd…like that sir!!gossi déduction if ok but our sallery slip never like that!!and they never give us sallery slip!!im already leave that restaurant!!but there have tomuch poor asian labours!!plz sir help!!!! If somebody going vacation they keep 1month sallery!!!!thank You sir !!and i belive one things “IF U MAKE NICE THING TODAY TOMARROW COMING NICE THINGS”!!!

    • Dear Client,

      For all questions regarding Employment contracts, leave entitlements , disputes, complaints, grievances against employers, you need to contact the Ministry of Labour. Please note that this is not part of the LMRA mandate and we cannot interfere between employers and employees, you are requested to lodge a formal complaint and submit any supporting documents to the complaints department of the Ministry of Labour in Isa Town , for more information visit
      Or you can contact LMRA call center on +973 17506055, or contact our e-Support helpdesk through to clarify your issue.


  2. Bahrain don,t have work but too much labour why…? Too much don’t have room rent food etc. All supply 3 month after give them salary

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