US delegation lauds labour market reforms


Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) CEO, also Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, Ausamah bin Abdullah Al-Absi, today received A delegation of the US Senate staff members.

Al-Absi briefed the US delegation on the Labour Market Reform Project, executive steps to address the irregular employment issue, as well as the national efforts in fighting human trafficking.

He gave an overview of the first center in the Gulf region established in Bahrain for accommodating human trafficking victims, or potential and presumed victims of the same.

He stressed keenness to benefit from international expertise to accentuate Bahrain’s commitment to international conventions on the protection of the expat labour rights.

He pointed the LMRA efforts in raising the awareness of expat labour of their rights and duties.

The US delegation commended the LMRA interest in the protection of the expat labour, efforts to reform the labour market, as well as the national efforts to combating human trafficking.

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