LMRA accepts fee payment through ATM cards


Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA)’s deputy CEO, Shaikh Fawaz bin Hamad Al Khalifa, said the Authority has endorsed a new payment channel for employers and businesses to pay LMRA monthly bills and its dues using ATM cards.

Shaikh Fawaz said ATM debit and credit cards of various banks operating in the kingdom can be used by clients to pay to the Authority starting from March 1.

The financial sector department in the Authority has completed all the technical requirements in collaboration with the banking sector department to provide these services aimed to ensure more facilitations to LMRA clients. The authority provides this opportunity to use ATM cards according to the banks’ applicable terms and conditions.

5 thoughts on “LMRA accepts fee payment through ATM cards

  1. Nice effort sir.please sir Also make platform for Visa seekers and direct apply and payments for labours and workers thanks

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