IOM: Bahrain a global model for best practice for foreign workers


The Director General of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Mr William Lacy Swing, has said that the Kingdom of Bahrain is considered a global role model for its practices in dealing with foreign workers. The Director General also praised the Kingdom’s efforts in guaranteeing fair recruitment, protection of foreign workers and combatting Trafficking in Persons.

The statement was made in his letter to the Chief Executive Officer of Bahrain’s Labour Market Regulatory Authority and Chairperson of the National Committee for Combatting Trafficking in Persons, Mr Ausamah bin Abdullah Al Absi.

He added that the IOM was honoured to attend the recent launch of Bahrain’s Expat Protection Centre and shelter, and noted that they are an excellent example of best practice. The IOM was also represented in a forum on “fair recruitment and its role in the development of the private sector”, which provided a wide-ranging and valuable platform for the exchange of innovative practices.

The Director General praised Bahrain’s creative and innovative efforts to raise community awareness around Combatting Trafficking in Persons, as well as the “Human Too” campaign, which is aimed raising awareness regionally.

Mr Lacey praised the various workshops at the opening of the Expat Protection Centre, which were supported by the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crimes. Mr Lacey also welcomed the attendance of representatives of 14 Arab League states that organised the workshop on “Identifying Human Trafficking Victims” for a number governments, NGOs and member od the judiciary.

He pointed out that the recently launched LMRA Centre for Protection of Expat workers and shelter, which can accommodate up to 200 people, is considered among the first of its kind and offers valuable safety and security for victims or vulnerable expats who could fall prey to traffickers.

The shelter also houses a 24/7 hotline call centre in 7 different languages, a clinic that provides medical and psychiatric care, legal counselling, social services, and a training centre that aims to work with civil societies, schools, universities and clubs and resident expat communities to spread awareness among citizens.

For his part, Mr Al Absi said he was honoured to receive the IOM Director General’s letter of commendation, which is international recognition of the endeavors of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Mr Al Absi confirmed that the Labour Market Regulatory Authority has already begun a collaborative process with the IOM to put in place an action plan for technical cooperation in the field of training government officials to support the national centre. He added that the LMRA is also putting in place procedures and informational materials to ensure these issues are handled effectively by all.

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    • Dear client,
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