Embassies shower praise as first ‘Shelter House’ opens


Pakistan Embassy has appreciated the establishment of the first “Shelter House” for victims of human trafficking in Bahrain, as Minister of Labour and Social Development Jameel Hamaidan inaugurated the establishment at Sehla yesterday.

Speaking to the DT News yesterday, Community Welfare Counsellor Maqsood Qadir Shah said that it was the long awaited demand of all the embassies – especially the Pakistan Embassy – to see such a state-of-the-art facility in the Kingdom.

“It will be a great service for the victims of human trafficking,” said Shah.

A large number of dignitaries from all walks of life were present at the inauguration of the shelter house. This facility will work under the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA). It is a five-star building in which the Ministry of Interior and legal teams will work under one roof to help the victims of free visas. Other issues related to human trafficking will also be addressed here. The hospital and playground are also the part of this building. It will also serve as the rehabilitation centre.

There are more than one hundred thousand Pakistanis here in Bahrain and eighty per cent of them belong to the labour class, said Shah, “whenever they have any issue, they can contact the embassy.”

Generally, the labour class faces a lot of problems as far as their employment is concerned. Many of the labour class come to Bahrain on “free visas” after buying them from agents. When they reach Bahrain, they face many problems – When they do not get jobs, their visas are cancelled or their passports confiscated.

Due to certain legal compulsions the embassy cannot offer shelter to such people. But, now after the inauguration of the shelter house, such a problem gets a solution. People approaching the embassy for help could be referred to the shelter house, elaborated Shah.

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