LMRA processes 45,000 applications in 12 months


The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) said 45,000 new applications for work permits for domestic workers and their equivalents had been processed by the LMRA in the period from September 2014 to September 2015. Instantaneous processing of applications accomplishment has reached at 54%.

The LMRA intends to shutdown its external services in the post offices of Budaiya and Hamad Town starting November in view of fewness of applications there and to boost the efficacy of other LMRA offices.

One year after taking over the dossier of work permits for domestic workers and their equivalents, the LMRA received 65,243 applications, including 44,952 new applications, of which 33,146 have been approved. Meanwhile 20,291 applications for renewal of work permits were processed, and 146 referred to complaints panels.

LMRA’s CEO, Ausamah bin Abdullah Al-Absi said the Authority has always been keen on the provision of all possible facilitations to promptly and efficiently process the customers’ transactions since it has taken over the dossier of issuance of work permits for domestic workers and their equivalents and the beginning of provision of LMRA services through the five external offices all over the Kingdom’s governorates in addition to the Authority’s head-offices.

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  1. Respected Sir,
    Asalam o alaikum

    On 28th March 2013, I had got the offer letter with contract from a private printing press shop. Our contract was for 2 years with 250/- BHD per month salary plus accommodation and transportation. After few months my owner started teasing me, he didn’t pay salary on time and plus he forced us to sit extra till late nights and work for him. He also took our passports and threatened us many times
    After a year, I had sent him resign through وزارة البريد post office, and tell him personally as well but he gave me threat that I won’t give you your passport and make your life difficult.
    then after( LMRA change my visa new owner ) but
    Now they have created fake case against me and put travel ban on me. I am unable to leave country and couldn’t find better job here because I have no visa. Since last 2.5 year I hadn’t met my family.
    Seeking for your support and guidance once to resolve this matter, So I can travel to my country .

    Regard ,

    Zubair siddiqui

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