Amnesty a big hit!


Around 21,000 illegal residents have rectified their situations since the launch of the amnesty period in July. Officials confirmed that Bangladeshis, Indians and Pakistanis were the ones who benefited the most from the campaign.

According to official figures, 15,973 (77.7 per cent) of migrant workers preferred to stay in the country and transfer to new employers, while over 4, 569 (22.3pc) decided to pack their bags and return home.

Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) CEO Ausamah Al Absi confirmed that “since the amnesty period was launched, the number of violators of the country’s residency regulations who wished to rectify their legal situations have Ausamah Al Absi been steadily increasing.

“What we accomplished during the past four months is considered a great achievement.” Stating that the launch of the amnesty period, which continues until this year end, doesn’t overlook violations, Al Absi also confirmed that inspection campaigns to establishments in Bahrain are continuing.

“If detected, residency violations would be subjected to penalties and deportation,” the CEO confirmed. “Illegal residents who wish to leave the country could proceed with the formal exiting procedures with the Nationality, Passport and Residence Affairs (NPRA), and their embassies.

No delay fees would be imposed,” he explained. “As for those who do not possess passports, their embassies could provide them with a temporary exit permit that allows them to leave the  country without being subjected to any sanctions or penalties.”

LMRA launched the amnesty period for illegal residents during the first week of July and the campaign will continue until December 31.

3 thoughts on “Amnesty a big hit!

  1. Dear Sir,

    Really it is a big hit ! We are appreciating your good work as well as helping the people to go back their home country without any delay as well as it is a good opportunity to change illegal workers to get a valid work visa.

  2. Assalamu alaikum,
    Dear Sir,
    We are only Approved Agent from Bangladesh Embassy,we are preparing New passport and Out Pass from Our Six Linnas travels Offices,
    Now we are facing for new pass port,bcoze maximum people are complaining about passport Update , some time after 1 month also not updating the new passport to apply new visa,
    We issued more then 5000 Passport, but only 5% people they make complete there legality, other all people can,t make there legality only for passport Updating problem,
    So kindly try to arrange the updating new Passport as soon as possible ,because of there is only 2 month left for Amnesty,

    Thanks & Best Regards

    Mohammed Joynul Abedin,
    Managing director
    Linnas Furniture Co.WLL

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