LMRA to give fillip to its services to aid citizens


The Labour Market Regulatory Authority’s (LMRA) is focused on branching out across the Kingdom to be more accessible to the citizens, said CEO of LMRA Ausamah bin Abdulla Al Absi.

The branching will also help improve its quality of services, reduce the waiting time and ease the pressure on the authority’s headquarters, he added. He was speaking during the ‘@the Majlis’ series hosted by the Capital Club located at the Bahrain Financial Harbour.

The event was attended by many decision makers from the economic and financial sector. “LMRA’s commitment to improving the overall performance and services to customers is reflecting positively on Bahrain,” stated Al Absi.

He also spoke about the efforts taken to tackle human trafficking by creating a dedicated unit to help victims and also to eliminate the crime. The unit will be overseen by the LMRA and include participation of social workers, law enforcement agencies, embassies, prosecutors and other trained staff, he said.

He highlighted the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by the High Education Council (HEC) on the exchange of information and research.

This will include the exchange of information regarding higher education graduates and their entry date into the labour market, as a means of studying labour market trends.

General Manager for Capital Club Bahrain Dina Haikel thanked the LMRA CEO for taking part in the series.

The ‘@the Majlis’ event is held on a monthly basis, and features many key executives from both the government and private sector.

The next sessions will feature Political and Economic Adviser to HRH the Crown Prince’s Court, Chairman and Acting CEO of Tamkeen Shaikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa.

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