LMRA CEO meets Philippine, Indian ambassadors

imageLabour Market Regulatory Authority CEO Osama bin Abdullah Al-Absi, today in two separate meetings, met with the newly-appointed ambassadors to Bahrain, Alfonso Ferdinand A. Ver of the Republic of the Philippines and Alok Kumar Sinha of the Republic of India.

The minister discussed ways to bolster cooperation in various areas.

He briefed the two ambassadors on the grace period, 1 July-31 December 2015, provided for irregular foreign workers in Bahrain to correct their situations.

The meetings also discussed the embassies role in raising irregular workers’ awareness of the need to correct their situations. In addition to their efforts in providing transportation support for irregular workers whose passports not in their possessions.

The minister pointed out that LMRA has recently launched a new body in charge of the protection of the abused migrant workers.

10 thoughts on “LMRA CEO meets Philippine, Indian ambassadors

  1. Dear sir/mem
    One of the my friend came visit visa in bhraine . So that one already expeire . I want make her lmra work visa but its getting always rejected so can i apply now. I reday to pay overstay penality.

    • Dear Client,

      Kindly provide passport No. to check the rejection reason.
      Or you can contact LMRA call center on 17506055.

      Best regards,

    • Dear client,
      an employer should apply for you a new work permit.
      For any further inquiries you can contact LMRA call center on +973 17506055.


    • Dear Client,

      Thank you for contacting LMRA.

      Questions regarding visit visas, Business visas, visas for children who are over 18 years of age , visas for parents , Investors and property owners , Expats residing in Saudi Arabia, or any other type of visa – (those visa types are out of LMRA’s jurisdiction). You have to contact the General Directorate for Nationality Passports and Residence (NPRA) directly at: http://www.gdnpr.gov.bh or http://www.evisa.gov.bh

  2. Good afternoon sir, I am filipino currently working, yesterday my employer gave me a termination notice allowing me stay only for a month, the notice date was 10.10.17, Sir/madam, may i seek for your advice, what is the best thing to do for me to find another employer before they cancel my work permit?.. Your response will be much appreciated

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