LMRA CEO receives Ethiopian Consul

IMG_8831CEO of Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking in Persons, Ausamah Al Absi received Ethiopian Consul, Eskedar Girmay yesterday morning.They discussed on the developments of employment conditions in the Kingdom, and about the cooperation between the agencies in Ethiopia in terms of labour permits, especially in regards to educating them about their rights and duties.

During the meeting, they discussed about the amnesty period, which would be conducted from early July till December end, pointing out that this period was aimed at addressing labour issues in the Kingdom.

They also discussed about the role that could be played by the diplomatic missions to increase awareness on employment violations and the support that can be provided by embassies for those wishing to travel, but have no possession of their passports.

Al Absi also discussed about the legal mechanism that is being aimed at strengthening the Kingdom’s efforts combating human trafficking.

He stressed that Bahrain is committed to all efforts to protect workers from trafficking or violation of their human rights and international conventions.

Meanwhile, Al Absi urged embassies to have an important role in raising awareness and communicating with labourers.

He also asked to distribute materials and brochures in several languages so that the awareness messages reach different foreign employment categories who may be victims of human trafficking.

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  1. RP has expired already but not yet cancelled by the sponsor. The expat has a new sponsor, it may take a one week or two weeks to do the new sponsorship process.

    But if the old sponsor cancels the visa now, would it affect the transfer process or no ? i.e. if the RP is cancelled, will it be possible for the new sponsor to transfer the visa to his company without exiting from Bahrain.

    • Dear Client,

      Yes, new employer can apply for New work permit if current RP is cancelled.

      Best regards,

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