LMRA opens doors for Nepali labourers

pic1(1)Labour Market Regulatory Authority’s (LMRA) Chief Executive Officer Ausamah Al Absi said that the Authority in the past benefitted from recruiting various labourers from different countries.For the labour market in the Kingdom, Al Absi held a meeting in Kathmandu of Nepal on Friday with the Labour Ministry and Communications Ministry of Nepal aiming to regulate and attract foreign labourers from Nepal through authorized labour supply companies.

The three-day meeting was chaired by the delegation of Al Absi for the Bahraini side, while Labour Minister of Nepal, Tek Bahadur and Undersecterary of Labour Ministry, Bohla Prasad and Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs Minister of Nepal, Ananda Prasad delegated the Nepalese side.

The meeting discussed having a scheme that involves bringing in skilled and non-skilled workers from Nepal with the condition of protecting their rights and reducing their expenses to enable them into the Bahrain’s economic sector.

It also discussed recruiting domestic workers from Nepal within a short time with the same conditions.During the official meeting, Al Absi mentioned bringing employment in accordance with Bahrain’s policy. He stressed the importance of temporary employment and eliminating negative practices of employers taking advantage of workers.

He also stated about training Nepalese workers from various fields to learn how to work within Bahrain’s circumstances to avoid negative impacts on their rights.

The meeting highlighted the keenness of Bahrain to cooperate with Nepal under their conditions and it called for a bigger role to protect workers’ issues such as human trafficking.

It is worth mentioning that the Nepali workers in Bahrain reached about 15,000. It has the lowest percentage of working violators, which is 0.05 percent.

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