LMRA Equal Opportunities Committee to Study Satisfaction of Female Employees Work Environment


The equal opportunities Committee at LMRA held its second meeting under the chairmanship of the Vice President for administrative and financial affairs Sheikh Fawaz bin Hamad Al Khalifa on Sunday morning, 22 March 2015 at the LMRA premises. The meeting was attended by the deputy Vice-Chairman of the Committee, Director of public relations and media Ms. Hana Al-Saffar, and Committee members: Director of human resources and administrative affairs, Abdul-Aziz Al-Aradi, Committee secretary Mrs Fatima Al Jasmi and the supervisor for budget controls Ms Manar Al Sadeh.

The Committee reviewed a report on the number of Female employees enrolled in courses and scholarship over the last two years 2013-2014, and the department of Market Intelligence and quality control was assigned to do a study to measure het the degree of satisfaction of the employees working environment. The committee also looked into programmes to improve the status of women in the LMRA

The Committee, established by decision of the Chief Executive last October to develop controls and standards and plans related to the application of the principles of equal opportunities and the full integration of women’s needs in the framework of equal opportunities and monitor its implementation and consulting in coordination with the Supreme Council for women and Civil Service Bureau..

The Committee also works towards the promotion of equal opportunities for staff under recruitment, training, scholarships and career promotions to ensure the needs of working women. The committee monitors all the steps taken to e enhance the administrative position of the female employees all over its operating environment, and develop a plan to avert any obstacles and difficulties encountered in the application of the principle of equal opportunities, to support the efforts of the Supreme Council for women and alignment with the principle of equal opportunities and integration of women’s needs according to the programmes of the national plan for the advancement of women in Bahrain.

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