LMRA CEO Receives MP Ausamah Al Khaja


The CEO of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) Ausamah Bin Abdullah Al Absi received at his Office on Monday 16 February 2015, MP Ausmah Al Khaja representative of the seventh circuit Capital Governorate.

Mr. Al Absi assured in the interview the importance of the existing coordination between the executive and legislative authorities to achieve the principle of partnership and cooperation to meet the aspirations of both the citizen and the country in all areas for the development of the labor market in various sectors.

The meeting also discussed the legal mechanisms by which LMRA works and the role of the Legislative Council in the developing of laws to cope with the economic and labour in order to protect the Kingdom from any effects that it may cause.

Mr. Al Absi also reviewed the Labour Market Indicators, pointing out to the increase in the number of work permits issued, which indicates the improvement of performance of the national economy, and the investment environment in the Kingdom that attracts the local and foreign funds.

Mr. Al Absi reaffirmed the importance of cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities to serve the interests of citizens and to facilitate the procedures, which in turn contribute to increased recovery of the national economy.

From his part, MP Ausamah Al Khaja, praised the efforts of LMRA in the process of organizing the labour market, and the standard accomplishments that have been achieved over the past year, emphasizing the importance of coordination between the legislative and executive authorities which is in the interest of everyone.

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