LMRA Discusses Cooperation with Bahrain Businesswomen’s Society


Labour Market Regulatory Authority Chief Executive Ausamah Al Absi discussed means to boost cooperation with the Bahrain Businesswomen’s society during a meeting on Tuesday 3rd of February, 2015.

The meeting was attended by the head of the society Ms. Ahlam Janahi and members of the board and by the LMRA VP of Operations Mr. Ali al Kohiji, Ms. Hana Al Saffar the Public Relations and Media Manager as well as other LMRA officials.

At the onset of the meeting Mr. Al Absi highlighted the LMRA policies to regulate the Labour Market and the steps being taken to guarantee the development of the various sectors of the local market in order to serve the national economy, and to promote the role of the private sector strengthening the partnership between the 3 production entities (Government, Businessmen and the workers)

The CEO assured that LMRA is ever ready to provide innovative solutions to the problems faced by the various sectors in coordination with the sectors themselves, especially in facilitating the processes related to the Foreign employees, in light of the principles and objectives of the labour market reforms to develop the national Human resources, while securing the rights of the foreign employees to reach a balance between all parties, workers and the employers alike.

The discussion was accompanied with a complete explanation on the LMRA systems and processes and the Bahrainization calculator, how to use the online systems to apply for work visas as well as the additional facilities provided to support private sector establishments, adding that further facilities will be announced soon.

The presentation to the board of the Bahrain Businesswomen’s society highlighted the Expat Management System, the process of work permit issuance as well as the fees collection.

Mr. Al Absi stressed on the need for more meetings between the LMRA and the business community in order to study the needs of the sector and to make the sectors more competitive and he directed the LMRA officials to search means of facilitating and speeding the processes for the Business community within the framework of the law and regulations.

For their part the members of the society presented their requirements from LMRA and obstacles faced by them and how to increase the competitiveness of the sectors to activate the national economy. The president of the Bahraini Businesswomen’s society Ms Ahlam Janahi stated that the LMRA has succeeded in setting a strong base and sound principles to sustain the stability of the local market within the framework of the laws and regulations to secure the rights of all the parties. She highlighted on the simplicity of processes and services provided by the LMRA and lauded the LMRA for looking for means to further facilitating the procedures on line or on the ground which spare the businessmen/women time and energy.

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