Bahrain Awareness Awards Participates in National Day at BIC


Bahrain Awareness Awards which was launched last week by Labour Market Regulatory authority (LMRA) participated in National Day celebrations at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) in the period of 13th to 17th of December 2014.
Public Relations and Media Manager Ms. Hana Al Saffar said that participation in celebrations at the Bahrain circuit comes to the define and introduce the public about the annual competition which each year is highlighted on a theme, that is directed in the way of enhancing the community’s awareness and to support the concept of respecting the rights and duties of the expatriate workers, who make up an important part of our society in the Kingdom.

Al Saffar added: The competition committee this year chose the theme of paying domestic workers wages on time, this category is one of the most vulnerable to exploitation and fastest to be affected by any practices that may be exposed, domestic workers endured the alienation in order to provide a living for their families in their home countries, and therefore simple monthly wage makes their pilgrimage acceptable, any delay in paying their wages not only inflicts suffering on their families back home, but also makes their dislocation and hardship fruitless.

Al Saffar pointed out that the idea of the competition depends on the involvement of young people from age 16 to 26 years to create public awareness of the rights and duties of the expatriate workers, the competitors must be committed after registration in the competition site by designing, executing and producing either a photograph or a short film or a painting or poster And to provide it to the competition committee, before the expiration of the period of providing the works which will be in the 15th of March 2015, the Committee will choose the finalists for the final according to the quality of the work, its relation to the concept and theme of the competition and announcing it. Competitors will promote their qualified works of the final stage through various means of social media in the period from 1st of April to mid of May 2015, while the jury measuring the prevalence and impact of each media item, to determine the winners in the competition.

The competition prizes for the winners will reach up to 21 thousand BD, 5 main awards will be for the first 5 positions, and two awards for artistic excellence provided by MasterCard International, as well there will be prizes for the audience participating in the voting process.

Terms and conditions of participation can be found through the website of Bahrain Awareness Awards

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