LMRA Hosts Business Lunch for Ambassadors (Countries of Origin of Expatriate Labour Force)


Labour Market Regulatory Authority LMRA, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Ausamah Bin Abdullah Al Absi recently (Thursday, 11 December) hosted a Business Luncheon in Honor of the Ambassadors to the Kingdom at the Capital Club. Attending the Luncheon were the ambassadors of the countries of origin of Foreign labour ; India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Nepal, in addition to the official Indonesian delegation currently visiting the Kingdom, chaired by the Deputy President of the National Council for employment and protection of Indonesian workers abroad, Dr. Endang Sulistyaningsih.

The working lunch reviewed means of enhancing bilateral relations between the LMRA and the embassies and to promote shared visions and coordinate efforts at various levels .

Mr. Al Absi stated the business lunch with the ambassadors of countries exporting labor comes as part of the mechanisms of the LMRA to communicate with all parties in order to support the efforts of the LMRA to regulate the labour Market and work in partnership and coordination when it comes to Foreign workers’ awareness of their duties and rights, in order to create better working conditions in the kingdom.

The meeting also discussed the introduction of MasterCard, Debit card for the card for foreign workers which shall allow employers to pay foreign workers conveniently via direct bank accounts transactions and allows easily remittance facilities as well.

For their part the attending ambassadors commended the LMRA efforts to reach out to the communities through a direct channel of communication in order to better serve the interests of all parties and shared responsibility to regulate the labour market based on the rules and regulations as well as exchange of views and ideas ..

The Lunch was also attended by the Vice president for Enforcement Mr. Mohammed Bin Mudsfer Al Muhannadi, the Vice President for Finance and Amin Sh. Fawaz Bin Hamad Al Khalifa and other LMRA officials.

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