LMRA Welcomes Ericsson International


The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA)’s CEO Ausamah Abdullah Al-Absi received a delegation from Ericsson International and explored with them the company’s requirements to expand its operations in Bahrain. Procedures and facilitations were agreed to attract this international company to make Bahrain one of its major regional hubs.

Al-Absi received Ericsson’s delegation led by the company’s director in Bahrain Michael Nystrom, the chief of operations management and services for the Middle East region Khalid Al-Mohtadi accompanied by the chief of governmental affairs for GCC countries in the company Hamaeed Janahi.

Al-Absi said that the LMRA was ready to provide its services to companies seeking to make Bahrain their regional base as the attraction of major companies to boost economic revival and create job opportunities for citizens.

The delegation from Ericsson International expressed their admiration of the LMRA’s applicable system and flexible services provided to companies, praising the response of the LMRA’s CEO enabling the company to make Bahrain one of its key centres, stressing that such facilitations would boost the international position of Bahrain as an investment-attractive country and an exemplary platform for major companies from which to launch their investment business operations in Bahrain and the Arabian Gulf countries.

Al-Absi affirmed the LMRA’s provision of all facilitations to attract international and overseas investments to Bahrain according to the law and order, stressing that the directives of the Kingdom’s leadership always contribute to boosting the position of Bahrain on the world map of investment.

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