LMRA Board of Directors Directs for more Facilities and Flexibility in Issuing Domestic Employees Licences


LMRA Board of Directors, HE Minister of Labour  and Chairman of the Board Mr. Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan confirmed that LMRA is efficiently completing the tasks of issuing licences of domestic expatriate employees and their equivalents after the transition of the custody from Ministry of Labour and the start of official presentation of the service in LMRA at the beginning of September 2014, showing satisfaction with the transmission of domestic expatriate employees licenses tasks to LMRA smoothly, and pointing to the positive reactions of public beneficiaries of LMRA services.

The Minister of Labour said that the board of directors directed LMRA executive management to provide more convenience and flexibility in the procedures for the issuance of domestic expatriate employees and their equivalent licences and to monitor the authorized persons comments and suggestions with regard to the flexibility of services.

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