Specialized Team in LMRA to Combat Human Traffic


LMRA Work Visa Process Manager Dr. Khalid Abdul Rahman said that human trafficking is one of the world’s largest contemporary challenges where now became the third largest illegal trade after drugs and arms trade in the world.

Dr. Khalid Abdul Rahman pointed out during a lecture on “LMRA efforts to aware the community and to fight against human trafficking” which was organized by Dar Al Aman that the safety of children and women are the most targeted segment and they represent the main nerve of this crime.

Dr. Khalid Abdul Rahman further explained that LMRA formed a team to monitor and collect information on combating the crime of trafficking in persons, the tasks of this group were identified to find legal mechanisms in order to deal with all the irregularities that are related to suspicions of trafficking in persons, and to assign the relevant departments in LMRA for the preparation of studies in this regard which complies with local and international laws, as well as placing a monitoring and audit system on all transactions and procedures that are conducted in LMRA and which has a link to the combat topic and the suspected cases which makes them occur.

He noted that LMRA and in the context of the expatriate employees awareness of their rights and obligations, has issued brochures and distributed them to expatriates employees when they enter the Kingdom in thirteen different languages which makes them familiar with the services provided to them and their rights and obligations, as well as guidance in order to make them avoid of becoming victims of human trafficking.

LMRA made sure as well to provide each expatriate employee once entered to the Kingdom of Bahrain, a free chip phone with the balance once used the expatriate employee will receive explanatory messages with his own language related to number of services, including the LMRA call center number, in addition to his rights and obligations, and warnings to protect him from falling as victim to human trafficking.

He added that through this segment there is a direct link between expatriate employees with LMRA database, enabling us to communicate with the expatriate employee regarding any updated concerning his legal status.

Dr. Khalid Abdul Rahman continued: LMRA worked during the last two years to broadcast a video multiple languages in mass transit vehicles inviting the expatriate employee to the correct his legal status, and describes the contacts that can be resorted to.

Regarding the role of LMRA in monitoring of suspected cases of trafficking issues, Dr. Khalid Abdul Rahman said: There are a set of actions to be taken, including with regard to work permits were the commercial registration data and activities are verified by estimating their actual need, and obliging the employer to attach a copy of the medical examination and employment contract of the expatriate employee.

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