LMRA CEO Seeks Cooperation with the Swiss Agency for Cooperation and Development

LMRA Chief Executive Mr. Ausamah Bin Abdulla Alabsi received at LMRA headquarters a delegation from the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bern, headed by regional programme officer Pascal Rass accompanied by Thomas Ruegg, and Yvonne Diallo.

LMRA CEO and the visiting delegation discussed the areas of comprehensive cooperation between LMRA and the Swiss Agency in the fields of Research and Studies and the discussed the exchange of expertise and research information in order to establish policies that will assist in reforming the labor market in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

LMRA CEO discussed with the visiting delegation cooperation in designing and developing joint programs between the two organizations in order to serve the objectives of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority in the development of the sound market, in line with international developments, and the transfer of professional expertise in the areas of labor market regulation, in addition to the training of LMRA employees in various disciplines in order to serve the development and improve the executive performance of LMRA employees. As well as implementation of joint studies required for the development of sound labour market for the next three years, and to serve the strategic plans of the LMRA during the next phase.

LMRA CEO provided the visiting delegation a detailed explanation about the work of LMRA its objectives and successes in the management of the local labour market with regard to expatriate employees, presented as well a detailed explanation of procedures for the issuance of new licenses, explaining the objectives of the labour market reform project in the national human resources development, and the achievements made since its inception.

The Swiss Agency delegation expressed admiration of the modern system adopted by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority; the delegation praised the system that aims to make comprehensive reforms in the labor market and prioritizing the national human resource development.

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